Islam for Kids


Seerah Unit
Topic 1: Story of Ibrahim: How it all started
              Makkah before Islam
              Story of the ZamZam
              Story of the Elephant
 Topic 2: Birth and childhood
 Topic 3:  Alliance of the Virtuous: Extra Reading (already Covered)
               Youth and Commercial Life/ Marriage Life: Play
               Seerah Game
               Instructions for Game
 Topic 4: Movie Day: will cover reveation of the Quran and onwards
              Important terms
 Topic 5: Unit B: Chapter 1: The Quraysh Try to Hurt Prophet/ Prophet(pbuh) preaching Islam in Mecca ( pgs B2-B7 in textbook)
 Topic 6: Chapter 2: Al-Hijrah from Makkah to Madinah
 Topic 7: Chapter 3: Building the Mosque
 Topic 8: Chapter 4: Battle of Badr
 Topic 9: Chapter 5: Battle of Uhud
              Seerah Review Game
 Resources: I Love Islam Level 4 Textbook and Workbook
                    online storybook
                    PDF Book: Covering the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
                    More Advanced Level Ebooks for free: Link
                    Movie Links:
                    A bunch of dvds including the cartoon version
                    The Message
Information from I Love Islam Lvel 4 textbook and workbook.
- Good deeds log & in class note worksheet
All Notes and Lessons for Islamic Studies class will be posted here. I will also be posting any supplemental material that I would like to share with you.